1. Overview of micro-manufacturing
  2. Micro-products and design considerations for manufacturing
  3. Considerations on manufacturing method
  4. Manufacturing methods and processes
  5. Process chains and hybrid processes
  6. Development and utilization strategies of micromanufacturing technologies
  7. Micro-/nano-machining through mechanical cutting
  8. Fundamentals of the micro-/ nano-cutting process
  9. Modeling the micro-/ nano-cutting process
  10. Precision machines for micro-/nano-cutting
  11. Micro-tooling, applications, micro-edm
  12. Working principle, machining principle of edm
  13. Process parameters and process capabilities
  14. Laser micro-structuring, basic properties of laser ablation
  15. Process principles for laser ablation, examples
  16. Hot embossing, hot embossing process, process variations, materials for hot embossing
  17. Hot embossing techniques, hot embossing tools, applications
  18. Micro-injection-molding, micro-injection molding scenario, micro-injection molding scenario
  19. Process control and analysis
  20. Defects of micro-injection molded parts: weld lines, process simulation
  21. Micro-bulk-forming, basic cold forming processes, workpiece materials
  22. Tool materials, machine and tool design, micro-tribology
  23. Forming of micro-sheetmetal components, manufacturing processes and fundamentals
  24. General considerations for manufacturing
  25. Manufacturing presses/ machines
  26. Design considerations for micro-sheet metal parts for forming
  27. Micro-sheet forming – a case study
  28. Technological competitiveness and operational economics
  29. Micro-hydroforming, piinciple of hydroforming and process variants
  30. Semi-finished products and materials, process chain for part production
  31. Design considerations and potential applications of micro-hydroforming
  32. Laser-assistedmicro-forming, licro-mechanical-assembly
  33. Classification of micromechanical assembly methods
  34. Systematic approach to micro-mechanical handling and assembly
  35. Application example: mechanical assembly of push button parts
  36. Laser beam micro-joining, laser beam soldering, deep x-ray lithography
  37. The liga process and its strengths, liga manufacturing steps
  38. İrradiation technology, micro-electroplating technology
  39. Surface engineering and micro-manufacturing
  40. Fundamentals of advanced surface engineering processes for tooling protection
  41. Applications of surfaceengineering processes in micro-manufacturing
  42. Polymer thin films – processes, parameters and property control
  43. Thin films obtained by extrusion coating, organic coatings deposited in solution
  44. vacuum-deposited coatings
  45. micro-/nano-fibers by electrospinning technology: processing, properties and applicationsby electrospinning technology: processing, properties and applications
  46. Working principle and configuration of electrospinning processing
  47. Electrospinning processing parameters – control of the micro-nano-fiber morphology
  48. Applications of electrospun functional micro-nano-fibers
  49. Tooling process chains and concepts, Handling for micro-manufacturing
  50. Serial pick-and-place task, inter-machine transport systems
  51. Robotics in micro-manufacturing and micro-robotics
  52. Micro-robotics applications, Sensors and actuators in micro-robotics
  53. Micro-robot examples
  54. Optical coherence tomography for the characterization of micro-parts and –structures
  55. Applications of oct for the evaluation of structures on the micron scale
  56. İn-situ testing of mechanical properties of material
  57. İntegrating a mechanical testing set-up in an sem
  58. Testing and diagnosis for micro-manufacturing system, Precision measurement systems
  59. Micro-mechanics modeling for micro-forming processes
  60. Micro-material models, Process simulation for the forming of micro-pins
  61. Manufacturing execution systems for micro-manufacturing
  62. Mustainability of micromanufacturing technologies

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