1- What is fatigue?

2- Fracture and structure

3- Fracture behaviour

4- Precipitation - hardening alloys

5- Ferrous alloys

6- Titanium alloys

7- Fatigue design philosophies

8- Considerations in conducting tests

9- Material property - structure interrelations

10- Infinite life criterion

11- Finite life criterion

12- Damage tolerant criterion

13- Alloy design for fatigue and fracture

14- Fracture mechanic methods

15- Monotonic fracture

16- Fracture steels

17- Aluminum alloy fracture toughness

18- Titanium alloy fracture toughness

19- Fatigue crack propagation

20- Nickel base alloys

21- FCP of steels

22- Aluminum alloy FCP

23- Titanium allot FCP

24- Micromechanisms of monotonic and cyclic crack growth

25- Cyclic crack growth

26- Fatigue failure in metals

27- Initiation of microcracks

28- Growth of macrocracks

29- Mechanical stress-strain response

30- BCC metals and alloys

31- Cyclic deformation in structural alloys

32- Modelling of css

33- Fatigue crack nucleation and microstructure

34- End of the nucleation stage

35- Fatigue crack growth under variable amplitude loading

36- Engibneering applications

36- Fataigue crack thresholds

37- Welds


39- Behaviour of small fatigue cracks

40- Types oc small fatigue cracks

41- Cheically smak cracks

42- Effect of crack shape on fatigue crack-growth

43- Fatigue crack growth testing

44- Loading methods

45- Mechanisme of corrosion fatigue

46- Corrosion fatigue testing

47- General test methods

48- Detection and monitoring of fatigue cracks

49- Acoustic emmission techniques

50- Ultrasonic methods

51- Infrared techniques

52- Fundamentals of modern fatigue analysis for design

53- Estimating fatigue life

54- Multiaxial fatigue strength

55- Factors influencing weldment fatiuge

56- Fatigue of mechanically fastened joints

57- Statistical consideration in fatigues

58- Planning and evaluation of fatigue tests

59- Effect surface conditions and processing on fatigue performane

60- Fretting fatigue

61- Contact fatigue

62- Fatigue and fracture control for powder metallurgy component

63- Fatigue and life prediction of gears.

64- Fatigue and life predicton of bearing

65-  Fatigue of springs

66- An introductionto fracture mechanics

67- Fracture resistabce of structural alloys

68- Fracture toughness testing

69- The practice of damage tolerance analysis

70- Residual strength of metal structure

71- Fatigue and fracture control of weldments

72- Fracture mechaniics in failure analysis

73- Operation stress maps for failure control

74- Failure control in process operations

75- Stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement

76- Elevated temperature crack growth

77- High temperature life assessment

78- Thermal and thermomechanical fatigue of structural alloys

79- Lİfe extension and damage tolerance os aircraft

80- The U.S air force approach to aircraft damage tolerant design

81- Fracture and fatigue properties of structural steels

82- Fatigue resistance and microstructure of ferrous alloys

83- Fracture maechanics properties of carbon and alloy steel

84- Fatigue and fracture properties of cast steels

85- Fatigue and fracture properties of cast irons

86- Contact fatigue of hardened steels

87- Fatigue and fracture properties of stainless steels

88- Fracture toughness of base metal

89- Fracture toughness of auteniitic stainless and their welds

90- Fatigue and fracture properties of duplex stainless steels

91- Selecting aluminium alloys to resist failure by fracture mechanisms

92- Fatigue strength of aluminium alloy welds

93- Fatigue and fracture properties of titanium alloys

94- Fatigue and fracture of nickel base superalloys

95- Fatigue of solders and electronic materials

96- Fracture and fatigue of DRA composites

97- Fatigue of composite laminates

98- Fatigue of brittle materials

99- Toughening and strengthening models for nominally brittle materials

100- Fataigue and fracture behaviour of glasses

101- Summary of stress intensity factors

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