1- Production and manufacturing process

2- Machining accuracy

3- Surface quality

4- Basic defination and concepts

5- Criteria for evaulating Surface roughness

6- Datum features and location in machine part machining and assembly

7- Blank selection

8- Basic defination and concepts

9- Machining allowances

10- Process sheet design and calculations in process planning

11- Production analysis

12- Process engineering records

13- Selecting the cutting variables

14- Productibility of machine parts

15- Planning th manufacturing process for machining the basic surfaces of machine parts

16- Planning the sequenc of machining operations

17- Fundamentals of jig and fixture design

18- Jigs and fixtures

19- Locating elements of jigs and fixtures

20- Clamping elements of jigs and fixtures

21- Tool guiding elements of jigs

22- Indexing and rotary elements of jigs and fixtures

23- Bodies, bases and frames of jigs an fixtures

24- Power drives for operating of jigs an fixtures

25- Universal sectional built-up and adjustable jigs and fixtures

26- Machining the basic surfaces

27- Premises for process typification and group machining methods

28- Machining external surfaces of revolution (shafts)

29- Selecting the machining method

30- Turning operations

31- Grinding operations

32-Fixture and attachments for turning and grinding operations

33- Microfinishing operations

34- Machining internal surfaces of revolution (holes)

35- Kind of holes and methods for machining them

36- Drilling operations

37- Boring operations

38- Internal grinding operations

39- Broaching operations

40- Jig and fixtures for drilling and boring operations

41- Fixtures for broaching operations

42- Finishing and microfinishing holes

43- Turret lathe and vertiical turning, boring, mill operations

44- Forming screw threads

45- Kind of screw threads

46- Cutting external, i,nternal screw threads

47- Milling external and internal screw threads

48- Rolling screw threads

49- Macahining flat surfaces

50- Selecting the method for machining flat surfaces

51- Planning, shaping and slotting operations

52- Milling operations

53- Attachments and fixtures for milling operations

54- Surface grinding operations

55- Surface broaching operations

56- Machining surfaces of irregular shape

57- Gearsand gear manufacturing

58- Kind of gears

59- Principals methods of cutting spur, helical, bevel, worm gears and wheels

60- Methods of finishing gears

61- Multiple - spline manufacture

62- Special processing methods

63- Cold mechanical working of metals

64- Electromachining methods

65- Balancing and weight adjustment of machine parts

66- Methods of machining heat-resistant materials

67- Economical appraisal of manufacturing process

68- Determining the economically feasible level of mechanization and automation in machining operations

69- Machining housing type parts

70- Kind of housing type parts

71- Machining reducing-gear housing

72- Machining shafts

73- Kind of shafts, machining spindles

74- Machining gears

75- General data on gear manufacture

76- Machining spur, helical, bevel gear, worms and worm wheels

78- Ball and roller bearing manufacture

79- Manufacturing typical parts of engines

80- Machining pistons, connecting rods and piston rings

81- Machine assembly processes

82- Fundamentals of assembly operations

83- Asssembly methods

84- Classification of joining methods in machine assembly

85- The assembly of typical joints

86- Bearing unit assembly

87- Assembly of gearing

88- Assembling threaded joints

89- Assembly flow charts

90- Assembly organizational structures

91- Assembly equipment

92- Index

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